DWC Oilfield Construction & Maintenance clients, past and present

Advantage Oil & Gas
Alberta Oil Sands
Ameco Servcies
Apache Canada LTD
Atco Energy Solutions Ltd.
Atco Pipelines
Beaver Plastics
C.E. Franklin LTD
Canadian Natural Recources
Canadain Power
Cascadia Metals
Coastal Recources
Devon Canada
Elliott Turbo
Enx Inc
Kingsmere Recources
Matrix Solutions
Millennium Ems Solutions
NEP Canada ULC
New Star Energy
North American Construction
One Earth Oil & Gas
Pembina Pipline
Penn West Energy
Pepsico Canada
Petrofund Corp
Plains Midstream
Regco Petroleum
Sinopec Daylight
Taqa North LTD
Trinidad Well Services
Western Canadain Spill & Saftey


 DWC is a full service company, which proves to be the primary prefrence to our clients.Please feel free to contact the customers below, that call on DWC Oilfied & Maintenance on a regular basis to inquire about our services, punctuality and quality of work.

Lisa Windland - Penn West Exploration, Acheson Construction Supervisor (780) 975-1939

Collin Kutschinski - Atco Midstream Golden Spike, Plant Supervisor (780) 987-5471

Marcel Provencal - NEP Canada ULC, Project Supervisor (780) 668-3556